Creek Payment Advisors is a sales and financial consulting firm, staffed by the absolute best professionals in the industry. We develop custom payment solutions for a diverse set of clients. We hire the most passionate and analytical professionals allowing us to form strong, integrated partnerships with our clients. 

We specialize in helping our clients streamline their Accounts Payable processes, while maximizing their rebate potential with their financial providers. We develop and deliver customized enterprise level solutions, as well as partner with your in-house finance/procurement team to manage the process and provide key technical guidance. 

Our clients turn to us for the kind of expertise that comes from understanding how innovative financial technologies and processes can successfully address real business needs across a complex landscape of business environments. We respond to every challenge with a relentless drive to add real value to our client’s business with each interaction. 

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: 

  • Ability to Leverage over 40 years of Workflow, Purchasing, and Operations experience
  • Increased Financial Rebates with more Frequent Rebate Payments
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
  • Personal account manager
  • Free business consultations
  • Customizable Training and Support

Our Company at a Glance

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