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Using a payroll card solution to pay employees can eliminate the need to use paper checks and add up to significant cost savings for your company. Payroll card programs can be particularly valuable for companies with temporary, seasonal, or underbanked employees, as no bank account information is needed to disburse pay by payroll cards. Payroll cards are loaded automatically, give employees immediate access to funds, can be replaced or issued instantly, reduce the risk of fraud, and are accepted at over one million ATMs and any retailer where MasterCard is accepted. Payroll cards are a cost-effective way to distribute funds to employees, reducing expenses for your business and for your employees.

​We partner with Comdata and several other Paycard Solution Companies to provide a cost-saving alternative to traditional check distribution, helping companies achieve a paperless payroll environment that reduces processing time while ensuring compliance. The convenience and flexibility of the card provide an added benefit to employees who might otherwise be underserved by traditional banks.